Vehicle Packages

Ready for patrol k-9

Our Ready for Patrol K-9 units are designed to meet the unique needs of law enforcement agencies that use dogs in their daily operations. These specially built vehicles are equipped with secure dog cages, temperature control systems, and advanced communication systems, which allow handlers to keep their dogs safe and secure while on the go.

Features LED light bar with selected color options- siren controller, 100-watt speaker, Multi color LED grill lights, Side cargo warning lights, Under hatch LED lights, Rear LED warning lights with multiple functions, White front corner warning, flashing tail lights, Secure Idle, Vehicle specific center console with Articulating Arm rest, dual cup holder and 22” of mounting area, K-9 Insert (specific color) with heavy duty floor mat, Window fan, Door popper system includes pager and monitor, Smart controller to perform vehicle officer safety features.

Officer Safety features include- brake assist, lightbar corner kill, siren park kill, grill takedown lights, headlight alley lights, OVI pattern, reverse back up lights & progressive light bar pattern.


F150 Responder

Ready for Patrol k-9

Ford F150 Responder K-9 + Sound Off

Ready for Patrol

Ford F150 Responder K-9 + Whelen

Police Interceptor Utility

Ready for Patrol K-9

Ford Police Interceptor K-9 + Whelen



Ready for Patrol k-9

Dodge Durango Pursuit K-9 + Sound Off

Ready for Patrol k-9

Dodge Durango Pursuit K-9 + Whelen



Ready for Patrol K-9

Chevy Tahoe K-9 + Sound Off

Ready for Patrol K-9

Chevy Tahoe K-9 + Whelen

Curt Gipe

Territory Manager
Southern Ohio & West Virginia

Curt has been an incredible asset to Statewide Emergency since August of 2019.  Curt’s ambition to want to help end users is unmatched in this industry.  Curt is one of those sales reps that is always willing to help and willing to go the extra mile.  He is a proud father of 2 young girls and has been married for over 9 years. His tremendous insight into the Police Industry is due to his time in loss prevention and time in the policing community. Curt is always looking to provide outstanding customer service and would enjoy the opportunity to help any Police, Fire or Service Department with vehicles or Emergency warning equipment. 

Contact Curt at
Cell 567-259-8081

Curt Gripe

Steve Rick

Territory Manager
Northern Ohio & Michigan

Steve has been happily employed with Statewide Emergency Products since March of 2009.  He has almost 25 years in the Emergency Vehicle Emergency Industry. Steve was in New York City for several years with an ambulette service company.  He has a daughter at Boston College in the Neuroscience Program and a son playing football at St. Ignatius High School (Steve’s alma mater). He has also been married for over 23 years.  Steve’s outstanding work ethic is a tremendous asset to Statewide Emergency and he would enjoy the opportunity to help any Police, Fire or Service Department with vehicles or Emergency warning equipment.

Contact Steve at
Cell 419-771-2850

Steve Rick

Tom White

Sales Manager

At Statewide since Oct of 2005.  Tom White has almost 30 years in the Emergency Vehicle Equipment Industry.  Tom is a father of 3 girls (1 recent BGSU graduate, A 3rd year at Kent Univ and 11th grade at Medina High School) and married for over 27 years.  Tom is responsible for helping his sales team and has several counties on the West side of Ohio and all of Indiana.   His passion for this industry has led him to enjoy his 17 years with Statewide Emergency. If he can be of assistance. 

Contact Tom at
Cell 440-759-8058